~~~What People Are Saying About Jeannie's Music~~~

"Your voice is so beautiful, Jeannie. So calming... warming... really beautiful. I'll be listening many times for sure! 'Souls of Love' is beautiful, rich and affirming. I love it. "

- Wendy C.

"Jeannie - I've listened to your album TWICE now. OMG. It's so freakin' beautiful. What a masterly job you have done. Your voice...so sultry and lovely. 'Virginia Rain'....that one kills me! (I listened to that one yet a few more times.) I hope you become a huge success with this album. Really....wow."

- Suzanne H.

"Driving and listening to your gorgeous new CD, 'Souls Of Love'. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations, Jeannie! Brilliant job!"

- Jill F.

"Look My Way . . . lovely song!"

- Michael M.

"Hi Jeannie, Outstanding passion in your voice and music along with great lyrics and writing!!!"

- John R.

"Hey Jeannie, lovely songs . . ."

- M.

"I really like your music especially 'SETTING SUN'."

- S.

"Listening to Jeannie's music is like getting an 'ear massage'!"

- Kiki Wow, Host of KCSN's "Dylan Hour".

“Jeannie’s got the best chords in town!”

- L.orin Hart, renowned singer/songwriter.

“When I listen to Jeannie’s music, I want to savor it, like a piece of fine chocolate or a glass of aged wine.”

- John Batson, author.

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