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~From the "Souls Of Love" CD~

Souls Of Love

music & lyrics by, Jeannie Willets       

You're the stars that light the dark sky,

You're the sun that keeps me warm,

You're the wind that helps my wings fly,

You're the calm before the storm

You're the one my heart calls out for,

You're one thing I can believe,

You're the one I couldn't want more,

You're the one I need

You're out of a dream, you're out of another place,

You're one of a kind I don't think I could replace

And that's why . . .

You're the one I keep coming back to

After I've seen all the rest,

One look at you and I know I have to

Maybe that's cause you're the best . . . you're the best.

My heart's like an open book if you just look in my eyes

You'd see so many things that words just could not describe . . .

Souls of love have come together

Like two stars that light the sky

Souls of love live on forever

Like the bond of you and I . . . of you and I.

(copyright 2015 J.Willets.) B.M.I.

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