Road Trip: "Souls Of Love" 2017 Tour!

Back in January, I made a decision. I was very close to finishing my new CD, "Souls Of Love", and knew I would need to do something to let the world know about it. I was planning to have a CD Release Party in the Spring but wanted to do something even a little bit more major than that. Something I had never done before. So I decided I wanted to go on a road trip! A tour to promote the album. I had recently asked my mechanic, do you think my car could make it on a cross country trip? It's a 2000 Toyota Avalon that I had just bought used the year before and he told me at that time what a good car it was. He said yes, he believed it could, just to bring it in right before leaving to give it a thorough check and all. So I started planning. Well, before I knew it, I had a few gigs booked and arranged to be hitting the road by June 20th! And, as a huge bonus, my cousin-in-law who loves to travel agreed to take the trip with me! Everything began to fall into place and the day came and the tour began! But, being that there was really no time for me to make any entries while we were traveling, I thought perhaps after I got back I could write about it all and share some of the fun moments from the trip. So this is just a little blog I decided to write about my touring experiences. I will start here with this first entry and, with each "adventure" on the road, I will share a new blog entry.

And we're off . . .


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