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"World Gone Mad"

Setting Sun
music & lyrics by, Jeannie Willets

Every time I wait, thinkin' you might call, you never do
Every time I wish you're gonna change it all,
It never comes true
Guess I'm hopin' for something that will never be,
Oh, woe is me, what else is new?
Guess I'm dreamin' of someday that will never come
And, with the setting sun, I'm . . . losing you

Every time I think you're gonna show you care,
You show me you don't
And, when I could swear, I'm gonna find you there,
It turns out I won't,
Guess I'm hoping for something that can never be,             Oh, woe is me, what can I do?
Guess I'm dreamin' of someday that will never come         And, with the setting sun, I'm . . . losing you, losing you.

©2017 J.Willets / BMI

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So calming...warming...really beautiful.”

— W.C.

So sultry and lovely...”

— S.H.

Outstanding passion in her voice and music along with great lyrics and writing!!!”

— J.R.


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