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Harley & Buck's and more of Utah... 

The day after the house concert was Friday, June 23rd, and Che had helped get me booked at a really nice restaurant called Harley & Bucks, which was located in historic downtown Ogden. I didn't realize until we got there that night that it was right across the street from the old Egyptian Theater that I had played at several years ago, as a finalist in a songwriting contest sponsored by the Salt Lake City radio station,     K R C L .  That was kind of a cool surprise.


Earlier that day, Che was nice…

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The House Concert 

Well, the day had come. The House Concert at my friend, Che's, was that night! And I was really looking forward to it! Was well-rested and preparing for that evening. Che had singer/songwriter, Kyle Hicks, open for me and everyone really enjoyed him very much.

And, finally, it was time for me to hit the stage. So Che walked onto it and introduced me...

I took a deep breath, took my position on the stage, and started off my part of the concert with the title cut of my new album, "Souls Of Love". I think…

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Taking Off! 

The day we left was a tough one. The hardest thing to do: stuffing everything into the car that we'd need and saying goodbye to my Billy.

But, as soon as we got moving, Cuz Karen and I realized we were in for many fun (and possibly challenging) adventures but we were ready. We had both been preparing, in many ways, for this journey for months now and were ready to take the plunge. So off we went. Wasn't sure exactly how long it would take but we figured we could make it by late that night, if not sooner…

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Road Trip: "Souls Of Love" 2017 Tour! 

Back in January, I made a decision. I was very close to finishing my new CD, "Souls Of Love", and knew I would need to do something to let the world know about it. I was planning to have a CD Release Party in the Spring but wanted to do something even a little bit more major than that. Something I had never done before. So I decided I wanted to go on a road trip! A tour to promote the album. I had recently asked my mechanic, do you think my car could make it on a cross country trip? It's a 2000 Toyota…

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The Biggest Challenge: Focus 

The Biggest Challenge: Focus!
                                                                                     by, Jeannie Willets

        The question is: What are you willing to “give your mind to”? So many things are competing, everyday, for our attention. The media, FB posts, TV and radio commercials and advertisements, and the list goes on. Are you willing to let these distractions steer you away from your real goals in life? Are you willing to let them control your mind and determine your mood for…

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Montrose Harvest Market, Honolulu Avenue (Between Oceanview & Las Palmas), Montrose, CA

Jeannie Willets will be performing at the Montrose Harvest Market, a traditional Farmers Market, outdoors, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. She will be playing her originals plus familiar favorites written by others, in her own unique style. Come by and get some fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and more and, while you're at it, enjoy some great-sounding organic music served up by local featured artist, Jeannie Willets.

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Jeannie Willets is one of the featured artists scheduled to play and will perform a short set of music sometime between 7 pm and 9:30 pm. The whole show is always very entertaining and the food and drinks are great and reasonably priced so come and enjoy the evening with us! Jeannie's CD's will also be available at the show or here: Come and support local "live" music!

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