Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Jeannie Willets

(Written, arranged, and performed by Jeannie Willets. Drums: Bill Willets.) ©2020 J.Willets. This is a song I just recently wrote and recorded concerning staying positive during challenging times. I believe that the world that we receive is the one that we are envisioning. Thus, this song was born. So I hope you will join me in my vision of this bright future just ahead. My hope is that this song will help raise vibrations all over the world since I feel this is a first step towards healing and towards a happy and beautiful world! Please download this song for free and listen whenever life gets too challenging and sing along to raise your vibrations and feel more positivity. And feel free to share with friends and family! This is my contribution to all who may be going through some hard times right now. Know you are not alone and that "everything's gonna be alright"! Here's to a bright future! Many blessings, Jeannie Willets

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