1. Low Dark Cloud

From the recording Low Dark Cloud

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Written, produced & performed by Jeannie Willets
Drums: Bill Willets
(Video coming Soon!)


music & lyrics by: JEANNIE WILLETS

There’s a low, dark cloud
Covering up our skies,
A low, dark cloud
Covering up our eyes,
And I don’t know where it came from
But it’s been coming for some time,
Seems the storm that has been brewing
Has arrived

And there’s a low, dark cloud
Covering our blue skies,
A low, dark cloud
Spreading fear and lies,
But it won’t be here forever
For the skies are gonna clear
When the rain of truth has washed away
Every cause of pain and fear
Low, dark cloud...

And it looks so black and threatening
As it darkens hopes and dreams,
But the light of truth will show us that
It’s not the way it seems,
Low, dark cloud...
The sun is coming out
Low, dark cloud...
The truth is shining down
Low, dark cloud...
Skies are clearing now,
Low, dark cloud...
Love is coming now,
Love is coming now, oh yeah,
Love is coming now...
Love is coming now.
(Copyright 2020 J.Willets.)